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Skincare tips a day: these 10 beauty skincare tips are so good!

10 skincare tips

1. Drink water, drink plenty of water

On weekdays, the simple and effective way of skincare is to drink more water.  The purpose of drinking water is to replenish moisture and make up for the water lost by the body; fill water in time after getting up in the morning so that the water can be quickly input into the body, which can help blood circulation,  accelerate metabolism, and also help The body removes excess toxins from the body, moisturizes the skin, and keeps the skin moist and elastic at all times.


At the same time, drinking water is still essential:

First, if possible, drink water at any time, don’t wait to drink when you are thirsty;

Second, do not drink ice and cold water that irritates the skin because the human body is like a giant water bug. When the water temperature is lower than the body’s essential temperature, it is challenging to volatilize, affecting the body’s functions and being harmful to the skin. And no benefit, so be sure to drink warm water.

Third, drink 2/3 of the total water you drink a day before 4 pm, and try not to drink it before going to bed, otherwise, the skin will be swollen the next day.


2. Eat a few red dates every day

Jujube is a rare food that combines fitness, beauty, and nourishment. Jujube is rich in vitamin C, nutritious food for beauty and beauty, whitening and wrinkle removal, soothing the nerves, and nourishing blood.

3. Use white vinegar water to remove the shine

In life, most people will have the phenomenon of an oily glow after getting up. How to remove it if you don’t need a facial cleanser at this time?

Just pour a teaspoon of white vinegar into the face wash water at 30°C, and wash your face with this vinegar water, which not only removes oil and excess cutin from the epidermis but also avoids damage to the cuticle of the skin and improves the skin’s disease resistance.

Moreover, after washing your face with white vinegar water, the skin will become smoother and firmer. After a while, you will find that the small fine lines on the face are gone.


4. Essential moisturizing spray

The moisturizing and moisturizing spray is a relatively simple method of skincare. The critical point is that it is convenient to carry. For those women who work in the office, a light spray can relieve the phenomenon of dry skin and lack of water and can effectively play a role in skincare.

When the spray is 25-30 cm away from the face, tilt your head slightly so that the skin can absorb as much moisture as possible. Like playing the piano, use your fingertips to flick the whole face skincare tips to help the water droplets absorb into the skin. After 5 minutes, gently pat dry with tissue paper to avoid air-drying.

5. Soak your feet in hot water every night before going to bed

Soaking your feet before going to bed can promote sleep and relieve fatigue. A night without insomnia is the best beauty for your skin.


6. Vitamin C supplement

Everyone knows that vitamin C can inhibit the growth of melanin, and the whitening effect is pronounced. Therefore, to whiten, vitamin C supplementation is very important.

In addition to oral vitamin C tablets, you should also consume more in your diet. There are many fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, such as tomatoes, lemons, cucumbers, carrots, kiwi, apples, citrus, etc. Eat more of these fruits and vegetables to keep your skin healthy and whitened. .

7. Steam moisturizing, economical and practical

If you want to spend less money and have good results, boil some boiled water every day, let the water vapor moisten the skin for five to ten minutes, and then apply a cream, which is also a good and economical moisturizing method. You can also put some moist plants in the room, which also moisturize and filters the air, making you feel fresh and comfortable.

8. Eye care must be paid attention to

The eyes are the windows to the soul, but the skin around the eyes is as fragile as glass. It is dry in summer, especially in an air-conditioned room for a long time, and fine lines will appear on the eyes due to lack of water. Therefore, while enjoying the comfort of the air conditioner, Be sure to do an excellent job of eye moisturizing care.

9. Timely skincare

Take sun protection measures when you go out, and promptly take care of your skin. In case of strong winds or exposure to the sun, you should take care of your skin in time to repair damaged skin.

10. Smile more

Smile is the best skin cream. A smile can promote blood circulation in the face and make the skin rosier. Maintain a good mood every day; smiling is beneficial to the body, mind, and others a sense of intimacy; skincare is beneficial. There are many kinds of skincare methods. For the time being, I will introduce this easy-to-understand and straightforward, and easy-to-operate tips to everyone. I hope the fairies will take good care of themselves.



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