10 Tips for Organizing during WFA that You Must Apply


Since the pandemic hit, new habits have been adapted, namely applying WFH ( work from home ) to WFA (work from anywhere). 

This habit forms a new way of thinking that work can be done from anywhere. Many companies are slowly changing their work system to WFA.

To make WFA smoother and more effective, the following wannawishyou summarize tips for getting organized during WFA that you can apply.

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1. Set a schedule and stick to it

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It’s not new that scheduling is one of the biggest issues when you get to WFA. 

Because of your convenience, WFA often makes you wake up later and even delay work.

Those are some things that usually come up and can’t be avoided when you WFA. 

To keep your work time well organized, you must make a schedule.

If you usually make a to-do list, add any of your daily activities or workThen adhere to the working hours you have set. 

If you apply this, your schedule and work hours will be more organized. 

2. Use  tools  to get the job done

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Quoted from Nooka Space, when you do WFA, you need higher concentration, focus, and dedication while working. 

You must be able to work effectively by using tools that can help you focus on work and complete it. 

3. Prepare hardware backup

Launching Bookkeepers, having a computer or laptop is very important when you WFA. 

To stay organized at work, it’s best if you have hardware backups. 

These backups will help you in times of emergency, and you need to stay focused on work. 

4. Distraction Management 

The freedom to complete work sometimes makes you complacent. It is undeniable that sometimes you are tempted to open social media, watch YouTube videos, or even play video games.

The problem is that sometimes these distractions occur during the working hours you have previously set. 

You can try to manage the distractions that are around you. For example, you set a time of 20 minutes every 1 hour to open social media or watch YouTube, then return to work afterward. 

But remember, the rules that you make must be obeyed, yes! You will also be helped and motivated to complete the work. 

5. Define  a realistic workload 

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Setting a workload for yourself is sometimes difficult. To stay organized, the workload that we create must be realistic. 

Similar to making a to-do list, you can prioritize certain things to do that day. 

Also, adjust the working hours, the schedule you have made, and the work deadline. 

This step will keep you organized during WFA.

6. Use a VPN

When you decide to work from anywhere, you will be connected to various internet networks that are not secure

Reporting from Bookkeepers, one good approach to this WFA problem is to have a paid VPN account. 

This will make it easier for your WFA because it can use a secure connection, and your personal data is protected.

That way, you can focus on completing your obligations without any distractions. 

7. Organize  work files  and email

Organizing work files and emails is one of the tips to stay organized during WFA, which is also important.

According to Free Guest Post, organizing and organizing your email will save you a lot of time and ensure that no client emails are missed. 

You can also organize other important files in certain folders to make your work easier.  

8. Take advantage of the calendar feature

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Staying organized in your work schedule is good, but you also have to update it with the schedule from your office. 

Usually, the office will create a special calendar for work accounts for its employees.

You can use the calendar to know if there are meetings or appointments and check project deadlines.

Take advantage of the calendar to get organized during your WFA.

9. Connect to your cellphone

Reporting from Indeed, when you WFA, you will probably use a lot of cellphones or tablets to make them easy to carry everywhere.

So, you can use HP to stay organized when you can’t stand by.

You can also sync your smartphone with your calendar and work-specific email. 

You won’t miss the latest schedule, meetings, appointments, and other important work-related events.

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10. Work from a comfortable place

Sometimes boredom is one that makes our work and schedules disorganized.

The convenience that you get to be able to work at WFA can be used to overcome this.

You can choose a remote workplace as you wish.

Choose a place that you think can make you more focused at work. The place can be a park, public library, or coffee shop. 

As long as you are comfortable and able to focus, it will make your work and schedule run properly.

So, those are the tips you can do to stay organized during WFA.

Adapting to new habits is not easy. There need to be adjustments in several ways.

You can understand more about WFA, from the benefits, and tips for success, to which Indonesian companies have implemented in the latest e-book  wannawishyou:  The Complete Guide to Work from Anywhere.

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