10 Ways to Change Management Style Effectively


As a manager or leader, you have your management style. However, you should also know how to change your management style if the situation requires it.

Changing your management style effectively allows you to adapt to changes around you.

Not only that but understanding how to change your management style can also help you become an efficient leader.

In this article, wannawishyou will show you what you can do when changing your management style. Come on, see the article!

How to Change Management Style

1. Know your current management style

Knowing your current management style as a leader is the first way to change it.

According to Indeed, 4 traditional management styles are commonly used, among others.

  • Authoritarian Management style that has total control in decision making.
  • Paternalistic: A management style in which you assume the role of someone who holds authority but focuses on the interests of the business and its employees.
  • Democratic: A management style in which you involve team members in the decision-making process.
  • Laissez-faire: A management style in which there is no guidance from the manager and allows employees to make significant decisions.

2. Learn the need to make changes

Adapting Northwest, the following way to change management style is to study the need for the change.

To do this, you can ask the following questions.

  • “Are you ready to adopt a new management style to become an effective manager?”
  • “Can the business continue to function well today, or is a change urgently needed to increase efficiency?”
  • “What short-term changes can be made to improve efficiency?”
  • “What changes require a long-term approach?”
  • “Who can help you in implementing these changes?”

You can consider changing your management style if the answers to the questions above indicate a need for it.

3. Ask  for feedback

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The following way if you want to change your management style is to ask for  feedback on the following;

  • your leadership style
  • team member satisfaction
  • overall business performance

You can use the information obtained to impact the company positively.

Not only that, but you can also ask for feedback from a more experienced mentor or manager.

Maybe they can help you pinpoint what is needed and how to do it.

4. Communicate the changes that will be made

The next way to change management style is to communicate it to team members.

Don’t forget to explain why the change is needed and how it can benefit the company.

Communicating like this can reduce team members’ doubts about the new process.

5. Communicating with clients

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You can also communicate these changes to your clients to change your management style.

Not only that, but this communication can also be a part of a  rebranding strategy.

You can create a social media campaign that shows these changes.

For example, you decide to change your management style to a democratic one.

Then as a form of communication with clients that your management is now using a democratic style, you can do things like;

  • involve consumers in naming your new product, informing them about giving some of the profits to social institutions

6. Stay patient

Of course, you need time to see the management style changes’ results.

So, launching The Muse, try to be patient while adapting to a new process or workflow. This can ensure the change is successful.

For example, you are a manager who used to adopt an authoritarian style. Then now, you give your members the freedom to make decisions.

Of course, you need time, so your team members can actively participate in group discussions.

Most importantly, you keep moving in the direction you’re going and encourage team members to react positively to change.

7. Adapt if needed

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Another way that can be done when changing management styles is to adapt if needed, especially if the changes don’t bring improvements to your team.

Therefore, it is important for you always to measure the progress of the new management style.

This is so you can find out if the new style is more effective than the previous one.

Some of the things that you can use as a benchmark for success include;

  • sales amount
  • self-reports  from team members
  • consumer feedback 
  • employee retention

Once you know the impact of a new management style, you can know if you should adapt and how to move forward.

8. Reward team members

Rewarding team members who perform well is another way to change management styles.

This sets an excellent example for other team members who need time or encouragement to adapt.

In addition, as a manager, you can create a positive and motivating environment by rewarding members who try new things.

Regardless if it was successful or not.

9. Believe in your ability to change

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As a manager, your team members will undoubtedly see if you are the one who can lead them to success.

So, according to Indeed, if you experience challenges when changing your management style, remember why you made those changes.

Having confidence in your abilities is also the key to success when making changes to your management style.

10. Practice good practice

Regardless of the management style you will implement, always make sure there are good practices.

So, don’t forget these few things to become an effective manager.

  • be friendly to team members at all times
  • open to hearing opinions from team members
  • improve communication skills to be able to convey messages clearly
  • lead by example

Well, those are some of the ways you can do when changing the management style for your team.

Considering some of these ways can make it easier for you when making changes in your management style.

In addition to the information above, you can find out more by reading various articles about business development on the wannawishyou Blog.

Various explanations, tips, and tricks can add to your insight into the field of business development.

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