160 Original Birthday Messages for Friends – Make Their Day Unforgettable

happy birthday

Best happy birthday wishes for friends, family and loved ones.

 One laughs troubles away; the second laughs resentment disappears; the third laughs regrets things; the fourth laughs sickness escapes; the fifth laughs never grows old; the sixth laugh happy and carefree. He often smiles. His lifespan is taller than Nanshan’s. The following are the heartwarming happy Birthday wishes sentences provided by the editor for everyone. If you are interested, let’s take a look.

1. I click on the summer and play the short film of friendship; I clone the summer night and cultivate the thoughts of my heart; I collect the morning dew and gather the heart’s wishes; I edit the text messages and send you the most beautiful blessings. I wish you a happy birthday.

2. Birthday thoughts: I don’t call you because I’m thinking of you and because I’m still thinking of you. I wish you: A happy Birthday and birthday progress!

3. If you are healthy and healthy, you can live a hundred years and enjoy a thousand joys. Happy Birthday!

4. People without far-sightedness must have near-term worries. When people are good, they need to find a spare tire; when people are bad, they need to find a way out; when people are proud, they need to find a way out; Happy Birthday, bless yourself!

5. I will cherish this sincere friendship with you to accompany me crazy along the way. Happy Birthday!

6. Every year has a present, and every year is happy. May you always keep the smile of the mouth angle and always have the youthful warmth of your heart. Please feel the temperature of sincere blessings from friends: Happy Birthday!

7. Once a year, life and reincarnation meet scarcely. I will pour out the blessings in my heart with information. Send you a sincere gift. The gift is full of happiness, but also with a happy temperature, Happy Birthday!

8. May all happiness, all happiness, all warmth, all good luck always surround the baby. Happy Birthday to you!

9. The old locust tree from my childhood still stands upright in my memory. I can’t forget hand in hand to play the house. The peach blossoms scattered all over the ground are flying my wishes. On your Birthday, I wish you good health forever!

10. Because of your arrival, this day has become beautiful, and the world has become more attractive since then. A season of flowers swaying in the candlelight of the Birthday, each one is my wish: friend, I wish you a happy birthday!

11. Happy Birthday, I said to myself. The coming-of-age ceremony is completed today.

12. A child is like a piece of pure white cloth, which is stained with color unconsciously. It is unnecessary to mention the mother’s teaching, etiquette tutoring, and even the subconscious actions of adults are imitated by him. This kind of absorption is meticulous. Since ancient times, people have said: “The child is the mirror of the mother,” but once this kind of reflection is reflected, it will not easily disappear, and it will remain on the child for life. Considering this, the analogy of the mirror is probably not appropriate enough.

13. My thoughts turn into mountain flowers all over the valleys and hills, blooming in your temples and courtyards, and enthusiastically sending them to you, my love bookmarks, a thousand times ten thousand times.

14. I wish you a happy birthday every day, and always be happy. In the new year, have a good relationship, health, and career, and be better to your friends!

15. Across the time and space that is not far or near, I often think of you inadvertently, just like today’s breeze, the occasional refreshing, so casual and natural, when the wind blows to you, remember that it is my care. Greetings from the wind! Happy Birthday!

16. Today is your Birthday, my friend. Early in the morning, I compiled a text message to send you birthday wishes. I wish you a happy birthday, good health, and endless happiness!

17. The birthday message symbolizes the golden key, which opens three doors for you. What are the entry signs? Happiness, health, and wealth. Happy Birthday!

18. Have a peaceful attitude towards life. Don’t sway yourself because of some worldly views. It may not be easy to walk in the real courtyard. However, when you return to your cabin with exhaustion every day, let go of everything. Quietly enjoy this space that only belongs to you. I read a few books that are beneficial to me. I believe that the women who read are the most beautiful. I believe that there is poetry and writing in the belly. Although the years are in a hurry, too hurried, may youth always stay in my heart.

19. Only hope, whether three years, five years or ten years later. One day, we met and can recognize each other. You shout, I miss you. At that moment, I will burst into tears. We are friends, forever friends. Happy Birthday!

20. Today is your Birthday. I have no chance to light birthday candles for you, and I have no chance to raise a glass with you. Let me use a sincere and kind heart to light the candle of your soul and fill you with warm sweet wine. Happy Birthday!

21. My dear friend, today is your Birthday. I have released a group of blessings for you and sprinkled a lot of happiness for you. I wish you a happy birthday, a happy life, a smile every day, and a dream come true.

22. The longer the tree of youth is, the more verdant it is, and the longer and more beautiful the flower of life is. On your Birthday, please accept my deepest wishes for you.

23. There is no cake because it is too sweet, there is no candle because it is too hazy, and there is no one else because it is too noisy. I want to wish you a happy birthday in plain words in a poor way and tell you in the most ordinary voice, Pig, another year older!

24. The reality is like this, often beggars are happy, but millionaires are not happy; hardworking readers are happy, they are full all day long, and those who do nothing are not happy; some people play all day, but they do not find happiness; some people deliberately pursue but do not find happiness. Most people who try to explain happiness can’t say what happiness is. Happy Birthday to you!

25. Ten passwords for a happy life: one person you love; two people who love you; three points laziness; four friends; five working days; six points romance; seven points free and easy; eight points wisdom; nine points Independent; very enthusiastic. Happy Birthday!

26. Pick a star, pick a cloud, put it in an envelope of misses, and dedicate it to you—the happiest day of the year.

27. Blessings and blessings are many blessings. Blessings minus blessings are the starting point of blessings. Blessings multiplied by blessings are infinite blessings. Blessings, except blessings, are the only blessings. Happy New Year to you!

28. I love you, thank you, and continue to bless you because you have done everything a mother can do. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday,

29. I will give you a bowl of noodles. Eating it will make everything go well for you, and your dreams will come true. Finally, I wish you a happy birthday!

30. On this special day, with the most sincere heart, I wish you a happy birthday and infinite happiness.

31. The youth asked the Zen master: What birthday gift should I give my friend to make him feel I care? The Zen master pointed to the heart-shaped watch on the wall, and the young man pondered: Do you mean that no matter what gift you give, as long as your heart is sincere? The master closed his eyes and said: It’s 11 o’clock now. If you don’t bless your friend, his Birthday will be over. Dear friends, I hope my wishes are not late. Happy Birthday!

32. Tonight, that crescent moon quietly reflects on my window lattice. I want to send that clear light and ignite 26 wishes for you.

33. There are a pair of eyes staring, a heart following, a true love accompanied, a pair of hands soothing, a waiting, and my blessing from afar! Happy Birthday!

34. Wife, as your Birthday is approaching, I wish you a good career in the afternoon, a strong body like a tiger, countless money, no hard work, leisure like a mouse, and romance like a musical score. Happiness is yours!

35. With a finger flick, decades have passed in the blink of an eye. Birthdays come every year, and the days pass by. Tears slid down me when I fell in love. Your text message is full of warmth. Thank you for your blessings. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday!

36. Live up to the fleeting years for the rest of your life. Live up to yourself. Happy Birthday.

37. Love is like a flower, blooming in spring; love is like dew, crystal clear and unstained; love is like lotus root, it is continuous; love is like lotus, delicate and ever-changing; love is like me. Sincerity does not change. Let’s go romantic together on your Birthday, see you soon! Happy Birthday!

38. Happy Birthday, happy and happy.

39. Stay young forever, and be happy and safe every year.

40. Sleep well today, have a good dream, and Happy Birthday!

41. A long heart song is the expectation for a friend’s Birthday. Happy Birthday.

42. The sky is high, the earth is wide, and life is rich.

43. Thousands of words are always loving, and friends wish to be considerate. Sleep until you wake up naturally, and count money until your hands cramp. Double harvest in love and career. May your dreams come true.

44. My blessings bring my love for you. I wish you a happy birthday. When the day passes, you lie down and enjoy peace. May happiness fill your quiet golden dream.

45. Eighteen-year-old youth is a poem and a song. Looking back at the road I have traveled, the footprints have marked the history of every stumble and fall. There are an oasis, desert, prosperity, desolation, wind and rain, and the fragrance of birds and flowers on this road. Happy Birthday!

46. ​​Leader, today is your Birthday. Although your subordinates can’t celebrate your Birthday with you by your side, my heart and soul are always by your side. I wish you a happy birthday, and always be young and beautiful! I will always love you!

47. The singing wafts the joy of the new year, the red candle sways a happy mood, the reunion heralds a happy scene, and the snowflakes wait for the tranquility of the new year. The new year is here. May you achieve a win-win situation in love and career.

48. For four years at the same table, we have never left or abandoned and have gone through more than a thousand days and nights; in four years of life, we have lived with each other and witnessed the miracle of youth together; today we witness the day you were born, forever Be a good brother for life; happy Birthday!

49. May all the happiness, all the happiness, all the warmth, and all the good luck be around you forever! Happy Birthday to you!

50. It’s New Year’s Eve, and an inexplicable thought evokes memories of certain things about someone, maybe one year older. I like to recall the past, Happy New Year, all the best, and make a fortune!

51. I am very happy to hear about your XX birthday, but I am sad not to be able to attend your Birthday because of my busy work. Now I send you my best wishes and wish you a happy birthday! Peace of mind for a lifetime.

52. Every day, Wahaha, every year is happy.

53. [xx] years old, a flower-like age, a dream-like time. I hope you can grasp it well, cherish it, create a regret-free youth for yourself, and add a charming spring to the motherland. ビ Ya crow has become a note, playing it for you on this special day today. Happy Birthday!

54. Today’s Birthday wishes to you: every day Wahaha, every year is happy with Pepsi, a beautiful smile, and youthful praise. Happy Birthday! Wish: The God of Wealth chases you every day, happiness always accompanies you, sickness hides from you for the rest of your life, and everything follows you all the time! Happy Birthday!

55. Children, I wish you a happy holiday. Wisdom and age grow together. I wish the children a happy holiday and learning progress!

56. The person who remembers your Birthday is not because of how good your memory is, but because you are in his heart, it is really important.

57. I wish myself a happy birthday. May I be loved all my life? Someone will block the wind and waves for me. Don’t think about the past, don’t be afraid of the future, and don’t forget the original intention.

58. The way to keep yourself from losing self-confidence because of being lost is to work harder and study harder. Instead of hiding yourself from resentment and self-pity, don’t look at what you have lost. Focus on what you can have, and study hard to get the pleasure of having. Beyond the grief of loss, happy Birthday to yourself.

59. Year after year, sincere blessings are passed on to you. Wish happiness! Happy Birthday! Have a good mood every day!

60. Age is the only thing God gave me for nothing.

61. The past has gone, the future has come, shake hands with time, make peace with the years… Let’s talk about it, the long road is long, and the mountains and ravines are vaguely visible. The only thing in the world that can be obtained without hard work is age. There are not so many sensational quotes and unrestrained birthday speeches. Grateful for the gift of fate! May everyone be well, and you are still kind! Happy Birthday to you!

62. Crossing the mountains and the paradise in front of me fascinates me. Say goodbye to yesterday’s days. Today’s world will be more exciting!

63. Happy Birthday, send your little girlfriends and friends, and share some unforgettable black history photos with you. This year should be the first summer vacation we haven’t seen each other, and there is still half a year to go, so let’s work together. Shiny eighteen-year-old girl, wait for me to come and play with you.

64. I send flowers for my friend’s Birthday, not a childhood sweetheart. The beauty is not old, the appearance is like a flower, and the heart is full of high-quality products. The rivers and lakes began to pass on sister flowers, and they shared the world. Don’t let go of your studies and career; grab knowledge and money. Send you a bunch of rich flowers, wander through the mountains of books and win the world. Happy Birthday!

65. On your Birthday, I will give you a happy note as a gift. May you have 165 beautiful days. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

66. I have always wanted to say something to you, but due to the lack of opportunity, today, I finally mustered up the courage… Happy Birthday!!

67. Today is your Birthday. I can’t be the first to bless you at midnight, but my blessing is not the worst. I have the most sincere heart and best wishes. I wish you the gentlest voice: Happy Birthday.

68. I trust the peacock to send you gorgeous clothes, the white clouds to send you free thoughts, the sea to send you the love you care about, and the night to send you sweet dreams. Happy Birthday to you, God happy!

69. Thank you, friends, for the birthday gifts, thank you very much, because my life will be more exciting. I love you, love, and I hope our friendship lasts forever.

70. If my blessings can dispel the troubles in my chest, then let them blow into the valley of my heart with this warm spring breeze!

71. Would you like me to toast you with a glass of wine at this extremely warm moment? ? Gifts are not expensive. Love is precious. I wish you a sweet, warm, and happy birthday.

72. Save the square inch of land and leave it to the descendants to farm. To live a beautiful life, we must first be environmentally friendly. Low-carbon life is very important, waste smoke and lung gas must be reduced, and small things must be remembered. May Mother Earth smile. Happy Birthday!

73. When you see this postcard, haha! You are a year older! If you want to stay young forever, please read the following words aloud: Today is my Birthday, and I am so happy!

74. ^o^ Blessing others is a kind of warmth, and being blessed by others is a kind of happiness. A bosom friend is an appropriate tacit understanding, a bosom friend is a sincere affection, and a friend is a lifelong concern. To express my concern, I spend a cent to wish you a happy birthday!

75. I think health and happiness are the two most important things in life. If they can be transferred, I will give you my share – Happy Birthday.

76. Youth, sunshine, laughter… For this day that belongs to you, dance to a happy rhythm. Happy Birthday!

77. I wish you a happy birthday, and always be happy. Look up and see Kangzhuang Avenue in front of you. Bow down and see the ground covered with gold and silver!

78. On your Birthday, please accept my deepest wishes for you. May you be happy every day and rise step by step. I wish you happiness! Happy Birthday!

79. Sitting on the train on the return journey, recalling the bits and pieces of these six days, it seems that every day is a surprise. Last night, I was walking in the quiet ancient town of Lijiang without a camera or mobile phone, just wandering in a faint business atmosphere. , In the ancient town with strong ethnic customs, the mood is extraordinarily calm. After leaving the ancient town, I entered the cake shop, bought the largest rainbow cake, and wished myself a happy New Year’s Day and a happy birthday.

80. The old memories are like fire. In June, the whirling shadows descended for nine days. The beautiful wife stands in Qiongxuan in the wind, and she frowns with a smile reflecting the green garden. Born in a prosperous world, it is natural and leisurely, and the sun is in the middle of the sky. Happy Birthday to you, and enjoy your life.

81. Light a candle to brighten your smile; tie a bow to fasten your luck; put on a piece of music to sing your wish; send a text message to celebrate your Birthday; send a blessing, wish you are always happy. ^o^

82. Because of your birth, this day has a special meaning and is extraordinarily beautiful! It’s just a small greeting, but it’s a deep meaning!

83. Do we have to meet for the first time? Because of a small misunderstanding, we quarreled a few times, which followed the old saying, we don’t know each other if we don’t quarrel. Finally, we were assigned to the same class and became the best tablemates. Think about us at that time. Interesting. Today is your Birthday. Happy Birthday to old classmates! Long live friendship!

84. Poets always show the beauty of spring flowers and autumn moon, but these have long been lost to me; inadvertently, your sweet smile and beautiful voice infected me; so I finally understood that you are my idol; Happy Birthday!

85. A cup of sweet wine to send my sincere greetings to you, a good song to send my sincere blessings to you; tomorrow, on my Birthday, I will have a special banquet and invite friends to get together. I hope you will be there as scheduled and bring gifts Hong Shijun Yes. The number is unlimited; don’t forget to see you tomorrow at 10:00 XX.

86. The round moon, the round days, the round wishes, the round wishes, the Birthday is coming, the prosperity is coming, I wish you a reunion, long-term happiness, a long-term dream, and both sides, thank you. Support and love for the company. Happy Birthday!

87. A happy birthday contains the affection of parents—happy Birthday wrapped with friends. True feelings.

88. Thank God for letting me meet you. You are my gift. On your Birthday, I would like to spend it with you and thank God for letting you come to this beautiful world.

89. On this day of your Birthday, I will give you a happy blessing note as a gift. May you have 365 beautiful days. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

90. If life is a fast-paced car, I wish every station you pass by is beautiful. I wish you no shortage of money and a continuous smile on your Birthday. Happy Birthday.

91. With you, my life has become colorful again in the past few years. Hehe, I wish you a happy birthday!

92. Carrying the hope of tomorrow, may you walk more firmly in every painful and happy day; with the dream of the future, may you smile more brightly in every ordinary but not ordinary day.

93. The distance of tens of thousands of miles can also cut off my longing for you; the rotation of countless days and nights cannot dilute my nostalgia for you. Today is your Birthday, and I am not by your side, let the blessings I send accompany you every day.

94. This is the reincarnation of time. I hope your life has no complaints and no regrets. This is the exchange of four seasons. I hope your life will always be brilliant. This is a sincere prayer.

95. Invite the grandson of the old birthday star to pray for his Birthday: first, with the old birthday star promising good luck, wealth, and good health; second, worship, wish the old birthday star all the best, luck, and longevity; three worship, wish the old birthday star a smile and always be healthy and healthy.

96. The flowers bloom like a dream, and the wind passes without a trace. Although the blessing is light, it will last forever in my heart. I wish you: A happy Birthday, peace, and happiness!

97. Your Birthday is a celebration of life, I wish you health and happiness and your career is prosperous.

98. Life is a poem and a song; a birthday is its most wonderful chapter, a beautiful melody. Let’s work together to put joy into every word and every note! Happy Birthday, dear!

99. Happiness is eating well and sleeping well, without worrying; the family is always by your side, the body is healthy and free from illness, the wife is warm and romantic, and you enjoy the joy with your children. I give you the good luck that comes from prayers. And SMS wishes, let it accompany you constantly! Leader, Happy Birthday!

100. You and I have a deep relationship and are year-end friends. Today, your Birthday is here, and you have no money to laugh at. I will give you a gift and protect you for life: I will give you free sunshine and illuminate a wonderful life; I will give you a free atmosphere. The time is full of happiness; I will send you free friendship, and I will accompany you through rain or shine; I will send you free fantasy to guide the navigation of life;

101. Life is like a dream; some say it is clear, some say it is vague, and the world is boundless. Everyone is destined to walk with success or failure, success, and failure. Life is tense and relaxing. Life is heavy and sometimes elegant. The world we live in is wonderful. Happiness will make our ordinary life a little more glorious and our future more colorful. Forget about troubles and be a happy person! Happy Birthday to me!

102. Happy Birthday to me! Healthy and safe. In the new year, try to make yourself better and be yourself. Don’t go with the flow, and don’t forget the original intention. You can always be. I also hope that fate will come soon.

103. Our encounter may be a continuation of a story that was unfinished and unfinished in a previous life. There is no right or wrong in any effort, and there is no consideration of whether it is worth it or not. Happy Birthday to my wife!

104. Happy old age, healthy, and longevity.

105. Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. In the blink of an eye, Uncle Song Tao’s Birthday arrived. I want to say: I wish my uncle a long life and good health and a long life. I will always be very smooth in future work and wait for my son to enjoy the glory and prosperity when he grows up. In a word, I wish my uncle a happy birthday. Because I didn’t dare to read it to you, I had to write to you. Birthdays are part of life.

106. I wish myself a happy 21st birthday. I am old. There are no carnivals and parties!

107. The age of eighteen is the starting point of life. I hope that in this way, it will go on smoothly. Happy every day!

108. My Birthday is my mother’s Good Friday. Twenty years ago today, mother, you worked hard. Happy Birthday to me!

109. As your Birthday is approaching, I wish you Pepsi Cola, all things Fanta, every day wow haha, Yueyuele Pepsi, every year high Lego, your mood is like Sprite, always dazzling!

110. On your Birthday, all I can give is a happy birthday.

111. On this day of your Birthday, I will give you the blessing note of the autumn wind as a gift. I wish you a beautiful day, and I sincerely bless you! Happy Birthday lol, lol, lol!

112. Can you find someone you truly love in your life? I have no idea. All I know is that a mirror in front of me reflects your appearance. Happy Birthday, dear!

113. Let the white clouds float to the blessings of spring: the spring rain nourishes your heart, the spring flowers embellish your sweet spring dreams, and the spring breeze accompanies your life! Happy Birthday!

114. Chen is unique to everyone. He is the symbol of the beginning of our life. While celebrating, please don’t forget to say hard work to the mother who loves you. You must be happy for your parents!

115. Because of your arrival, this day has become very special, and since then, there will be some interesting elements in the world. Happy Birthday!

116. The clock goes round and round, and the constant is misses; put greetings into the breeze, blow away your sorrows and resentments; put affection into green tea, and taste the sweetness alone; rub blessings into the strings, and play in your happiness. In my heart, say a word, happiness, and peace! Happy Birthday!

117. You are so pitiful. Today is your Birthday, but you still have to go to work, but it doesn’t matter because you have received my blessing. I believe you will have a very happy day today! On your Birthday, I sincerely offer my three wishes: First, I wish you good health; Second, I wish you happiness; Third, I wish you all the best.

118. Happy Birthday to you, good things follow you, happiness stares at you, the boss pays attention to you, the disease avoids you, the lover loves you deeply, the pain is far away from you, the happiness follows you, everything follows you, success belongs to you, everything follows you!

119. The boat of life has sailed for 26 years. In the past, it was only wandering in the mother lake, but now it is necessary to change to the boat of youth, put on the sail of longing, and sail to the magnificent sea under the bath of the rising sun. Happy Birthday!

120. Flowers are similar every year, but people are different every year. When I woke up, I realized it was not a dream, and the wrinkles between my eyebrows were heavy again. On this day of your Birthday, I wish you happiness!

121. On your festive days, I miss you fondly. My life’s best friendships, love, and happiness be yours…and always be yours.

122. Today [xx] years ago, the lovely you fell to the ground. Today, [xx] years later, you are even more beautiful. Today is your [xx] birthday. The bright sunshine and blue sky are all helping you. I send my blessings to you! Happy Birthday!

123, hug you and say good morning until the white head.

124. There are many wrong paths in life, no matter how you go. Every year today, you should choose for yourself. Bless without regrets, bless the Birthday, bless yourself. Life is the temptation again and again. Happy Birthday!

125. On your Birthday today, I will give you a cabbage, and you have to peel it off gently because it is wrapped with my sincere blessings: May you become red with each passing year, and good luck is in your hands; your body is great, and your longevity is boundless!

126. The words have three mouths, and long worms also have long legs. As the saying goes: the truth does not change. The iron proof is like a mountain. Don’t lie to others, don’t deceive yourself, no matter what others say, keep your conscience clear and be happy! Happy Birthday!

127. Is your Birthday coming? God, I almost forgot! Because the years did not leave any traces on your face, the alterations did not make any discount on your temperament. Although, the calendar tells me: you have another year of maturity. send

128. It is said that if we cultivate in one year, we can cross the boat together, and if we cultivate in a hundred years, we can sleep together. Then we are sisters who cultivate in ten thousand years, and twin flowers for a lifetime… Happy Birthday!

129. I am very proud. I don’t forget I have a tacit understanding when I suffer hardships; I am very disappointed, and I often think of it. I have a partner to share the joy with; I am a friend, who stands side by side, how much wind and rain support you. Confidant bless you: may life go well! Happy Birthday!

130. You are a happy bird, flying carefree in my heart. I really hope that you will always sing cheerful songs and accompany me by my side. From now on, you and I will no longer be lonely. The stars that adorn life are bright and long-lasting! Happy Birthday, dear!

131. There is a secret I want to tell you: you are different today; there is a gift for you: send you my blessings; there is a special sentence for you: dear classmates, Happy Birthday for sure! good health and happy birthday

132. Blessing text messages send blessings to increase relatives and friends; caring text messages offer love and embody caring feelings; miss text messages express misses and infinite love; spam text messages create garbage, and everyone scolds endlessly. Spam text messages should be boycotted and strictly eliminated. Happy Birthday!

133. I will give you “Jingxin Oral Liquid” ingredients in hot and dry weather: happy and indifferent, happy and indifferent, without distractions. Instructions for use: Take three times a day on dog days. Efficacy: After taking it, you will be refreshed and refreshed. I wish you happy dog ​​days and three blessings every day! Happy Birthday!

134, karma, you can not believe, God rewards hard work, it is the truth. Nothing is unachievable. Don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t wait. No opportunity, create opportunity, believe in yourself, and you will do it. Bless the business of the cooperative brothers, and the sesame blossoms are growing steadily! Happy Birthday!

135. The east wind and drizzle came, and there was light thunder outside Furong Pond. The golden toad gnaws the lock and burns incense, and the jade tiger pulls the silk and draws it back. Mrs. Jia peeked at Shao Han Ye, and Concubine Mi stayed behind the king of Wei. In the spring heart, there is no sharing of flowers. Happy Birthday, dear!

136. My mother is not very tall, has long hair and bright eyes, and always smiles at people. My mother was very strict with me. When she saw me playing without finishing my homework, her face immediately turned from sunny to overcast, so I had to rush to do my homework. She would praise me when she saw that my homework was well done. Happy Birthday.

137. You are the angel of summer, and splendor is your wings. You are the elf of summer. The smile is your magic. You are the princess of summer. Beauty is your guard. You are today’s Birthday. Summer is yours, Patronus. Happy Birthday.

138. Borrow a piece of happiness from the bird and send you; borrow a little freedom from the wind and send you; borrow a little romance from the cloud and send you; borrow a coolness from the rain and send you; on the occasion of your Birthday, I wish You sing happily and breathe freely.

139. Send you 365 circles, may you be happy every day; send you 24 circles, may you be happy every day, and send you 60 threads. May you be beautiful and prolong your life. Sending you a bowl of longevity noodles. May you smile forever. Happy Birthday!

140. No matter how beautiful a picture is, it can’t paint a mother’s beautiful face; no matter how beautiful a poem is, it can’t write a mother’s infinite love; no matter how gorgeous the language is, it can’t express all the wishes for a mother; I only wish my mother to be happy for ten thousand years!

141. The dream is drunk, and you are here to accompany; the heart is drunk, and you are accompanied; the love is drunk, and you snuggle; the day is drunk, and you are sweet. Dear, today is your Birthday. May happiness chase you and happiness surround you. Happy Birthday!

142. Dear mother, I wish you: A happy Birthday and good health! May my blessings accompany you in the four seasons: spring will give you a ray of fragrance, summer will give you a coolness, autumn will give you a plate of fruit pulp, and winter will give you a house of heat waves.

143. After so many years, I finally met you at the right time! My dear, thank you for making me: end the lonely drifting; end the fighting of souls; find a sweet home, and stick to each other from now on! Happy Birthday, dear!

144. If you are a stone, I will be a magnet; if you are a plant, I will be a mimosa; if you are a person, I will be your favorite. Happy Birthday, dear!

145. After getting to know you, I realized that I could give so willingly. Happy Birthday, dear!

146. Surprise you for a second, move you for a minute, romance you for an hour, warm you for a day, warm you for a month, be happy with you for a year, and love you for a lifetime! Send your most sincere love with the warmest kiss! Happy Birthday, dear!

147. As long as I can be with you, I don’t care what the price is. “Even though the road of love is affected by external factors, the man has always said firmly and stubbornly to his lover. Dear, Happy Birthday!

148. At night, a lantern in the house can continue the vitality of white; in the dead of night, the withered yellow on the bedside or in front of the bed evokes the slow flow of quiet night love; the illumination of the lantern creates a different kind of tenderness, every time The flickering is swaying my lovesickness, setting off a scene of movement and stillness in the past. Happy Birthday, dear!

149. To let the car run, the car must be in good condition; don’t drive too fast, fasten your seat belt; go out early, don’t worry about traffic jams; change the lights frequently at night, and the distance between cars must be moderate; always think about safety, and always be with you. Happy Birthday!

150. Gently, the wind is blowing; moist, friendship is nourishing; bright, flowers are blooming; thick, friendship is sublimating; true, thoughts are flying; warm, friends are their Greetings: May you be happy and free! Happy Birthday!

151. Put a warm coat on the “mood” to prevent fog, put a warm coat on the “friendship” to protect from the cold, put a caring cotton coat on the “body” to prevent moisture, and put a warm coat on the “spirit” to prevent freezing and weather changes. It’s foggy and humid. Pay attention to your body and stay cheerful! I wish you happiness! Happy Birthday!

152, not afraid of danger, not afraid of difficulties, accompany you to climb mountains; not afraid of hardships, not afraid of fatigue, accompany you to suffer; not in a hurry, not angry, I will solve your difficulties; not discouraged, not discouraged, pursue you not slack! Today is a beautiful day. I wish you a happy birthday, and always be beautiful! Leader, Happy Birthday!

153. Modern love is no longer obsessed with being in the right household, no longer obsessed with parents’ orders and matchmaker’s words. You can be together, no longer tangled, as long as it feels right. The past has long been wiped out by time. Happy Birthday!

154. Dear self, today is your Birthday. Happy Birthday, don’t be too low-key. Sometimes be tougher. When you are bullied, be sure to get it back! But don’t hold grudges, let the villain’s opinion go with them, and pity will make you noble.

155. Even if it is not Ultraman, I will still be a milk boy to give you sweet dreams. Even if it is not a robot cat, I will still be a vitamin baby to give you a healthy and strong, my dear little beriberi, birthday happiness.

156. I want to give you a kilogram of warmth and romance on this special day today! One kilogram of peace and happiness! Happy one kilogram! And a precious friendship I can’t weigh Happy Birthday!

157. Send my sincere wishes: Happy Birthday to you [xx]! I wish you good health, all the best, all your wishes come true, and your career goes well.

158. Thank you for meeting and acquaintance. I wish you a happy birthday. I wish you a little luck in your future life. May all the good things come as scheduled. May you have bright eyes and a generous smile every day Happy birthday [cake].

159. May you be safe and sound, have a bright future, and be treated gently by this world. May the shock you cannot escape be just a false alarm, and the joy you receive never be empty. Also, may we see each other year after year.

160. I wish everyone loves everyone, flowers see flowers blooming beautiful girl, Happy Birthday, happy every day, love you, love you, love you.

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