5 Kinds of Psychological Test Images that are Often Used during Recruitment


One of the recruitment processes that you will face is a psychological test. You will encounter various difficulties during the psychological test, ranging from number tests to image tests.

This test is done, so recruiters know your behavior patterns, mindset, and characteristics or nature as a job applicant. Later, this test will be one of their considerations to accept or rejecting your job application.

One of the tests used is the image test. In the recruitment process, recruiters will use one of five or more types of image psychological tests.

What are the most commonly used image tests? Come on, find out more in this article!

1. Draw-a-person test (DAP)

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The first type of psychological test widely used in recruitment is the draw-a-person (DAP) test.

This test will ask you to draw a person ( a person ) on a piece of paper that has been provided.

This image psychology test, according to ResearchGate, was developed by American psychologist Karen Machover in 1948.

Initially, this test was used as an additional test to the Stanford-Binet intelligence test, especially for people with illiterate disabilities.

However, psychologists soon realized the usefulness of this image test in various aspects. Starting from seeing a picture of a person’s intelligence and personality to stress tendencies.

The DAP test is used for various needs, such as the recruitment and clinical psychology diagnostic processes.

2. Tree-drawing test (Baum test)

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In addition to the DAP test, recruiters will generally ask you to do a tree-drawing psychological test or a tree-drawing test. 

Like the DAP test, you will be asked to draw a tree on a piece of paper that has been provided. Not only that, but sometimes psychologists will also ask you to write a short essay about the tree you drew.

The psychological test, also known as the Baum test, was developed by Swiss vocational guidance counselor Charles Koch in 1952.

According to the National Library of Medicine, the Baum test assesses a person’s personality. The results of this personality assessment will be used as consideration for recruiters.

3. House-Tree-Person (HTP) test

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The House-Tree-Person or HTP test is another image psychological test that is often used in the recruitment process. You will be asked to draw houses, trees, and people in this test.

Reporting to the Encyclopedia, the HTP test was first developed by American psychologist John Buck in 1948. 

Previously, tests that required images of human figures had been used as projective personality tests.

However, Buck believes that pictures of houses and trees can also provide relevant information about the functioning of a person’s personality.

In 1969, Buck collaborated with psychologist Emanuel Hammer to revise this test into a version that is still widely used today.

4. Wartegg test

Another image psychological test you will often encounter during recruitment is the Wartegg test.

According to Gestalt Theory, this test was first introduced by the Austrian-German psychologist Ehrig Wartegg between the 1920s and 1930s.

Unlike the previous drawing tests, in the Wartegg test, you will be given a sheet of paper containing eight boxes with their respective images.

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Then, you will be asked to complete the picture without marking anything outside the box.

The results of this test will later be used to assess several aspects of psychology, such as intelligence, personality, productivity, to perception.

5. Series drawing logic test

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The last type of image psychological test that you will encounter during recruitment is a series image logic test. This test is also known as a diagrammatic reasoning test or an abstract logic test.

This test is part of the aptitude test used by recruiters to measure a candidate’s job potential. Further, this test, according to Assessment Day, assesses:

  • analytical ability
  • decision-making ability
  • logical and abstract reasoning
  • critical thinking skills
  • problem-solving skills

Generally, this test is carried out in conjunction with other aptitude tests such as numerical, verbal, and spatial reasoning tests, and so on.

Well, those are some types of image psychological tests that you will most likely find during recruitment.

In addition to the image psychological test, there are still various other tests you will go through during recruitment, you know.

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