5 Promising Career Options in NGOs for You to Consider


Launching Funds for NGOs, career options in NGOs are now increasingly diverse, and the work has a broad scope.

In addition, being part of an NGO can provide experiences and opportunities to support and create change for the better for the community.

What are the job and career options in NGOs? Let’s see more below!

Career Options in NGOs 

You can adjust your choice of work according to your interest in the issue or passion.

Besides that, you also have to study and pay attention to how to work in an NGO before applying.

Quoted to Humanitarian Careers, many people want to work in NGOs not because of salary but want to be dedicated to the community and make a good impact.

Choosing a career in an NGO can be a reward for those who do it. 

Here are some career options in NGOs that you should know about:

1. Admin Coordinator 

If you want to work in an NGO, you need to know that usually, in one organization, there are only a few employees. 

Not all NGOs are large in scale; some also start slowly and from small organizations. 

However, as with other organizational structures, NGOs must also have general staff such as HR and finance. 

Admin coordinator, citing Humanitarian Careers, in a small-scale NGO is a profession that combines HR and financial teams. 

An admin coordinator’s main task is overseeing the organization’s financial and human resource functions. 

The admin coordinator profession is recommended as your first choice because it will help you learn and adapt to how NGOs work. 

Once familiar with how it works, you can start looking for other career options in NGOs.

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2. Project officer 

NGOs have programs and projects to achieve their goals and missions. 

To run the program, in addition to funding, it is necessary to organize to achieve success.

Quoting Indeed, having a project officer in an organization will improve operational processes and achieve organizational goals. 

Project officers are also known as project coordinators or project assistants. Some of the primary duties of an NGO project officer are:

  • Conduct research and find resources for the program
  • Assist in making proposals and program plans
  • Coordinate schedules both with internal and external organizations
  • review team progress for each program
  • collect data and create reports

Usually, NGO organizations will prefer those with similar experiences as project officers.

3. Head of fundraising

One of the characteristics of NGOs is that they are independent, including in funding their programs; fundraising is a crucial part of NGOs. 

Head of fundraising is one of the career options in high-income NGOs.

As a head of fundraising, you will be responsible for all aspects of NGO revenue and program funding. 

This includes funding from donors, as well as through public campaigns and advertisements. 

head of fundraising must have a good sense of responsibility, ability, and knowledge to be successful. 

In an NGO, the head of fundraising usually oversees a team of several people and will increasingly depend on the scale of the NGO.

4. Consultant

NGOs depend on consultants in many ways. Included in the operation is also program development. 

A consultant in an NGO can work on proposals, develop strategies, and supervise and evaluate ongoing projects or programs. 

Consultants in NGOs usually work on specific projects.

A consultant will make a contract after agreeing to the terms of reference proposed by the organization.

Usually, this work contract takes place in the short term.

To become a consultant in an NGO, you must have relevant experience in the same area/field. 

In addition, it will be a plus point if you have worked with other NGOs.

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5. Grant writer 

Jobs related to writing are prevalent and often needed by companies, including NGOs. 

Quoted from Indeed, a grant writer is a professional who completes an application for grant /funding for an organization. 

NGOs are known for their independent funding. To continue running their programs and activities, NGOs usually submit grant proposals. 

The grant writer helps the process until the organization finally gets the funding. 

As a grant writer, you will be tasked with:

  • conduct data collection and research for a grant
  • identify the audience of the proposal 
  • write a grant proposal 
  • ensure that the format and framework of the proposal are appropriate 
  • submit a grant proposal 

Well, those are some career options in NGOs that you can consider.

The career choices above can also be a stepping stone for you to have a career in their field.

Later, you can use your experience in NGOs when applying for jobs in other commercial companies.

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