5 Ways to Deal with an Ignorant Boss at Work


Are you trying to deal with an indifferent boss? Before this has a negative impact, you should start thinking about how to deal with an indifferent boss.

If his attitude has no impact on professional matters, that’s fine. However, what happens if these problems start to hinder our work?

wannawishyou have compiled 5 tips to help you build better communication with an indifferent boss to overcome this obstacle. Read this article to the end, yes!

1. Try to find out where the problem is

Does your boss really apply a leadership style that keeps his distance from his subordinates?

Did this nonchalant attitude happen suddenly, even though he usually doesn’t act like that? Or is this a sign that the boss doesn’t like us?

Before deciding what you should do, avoid making your own assumptions that could lead you to take the wrong steps.

There are many possibilities behind your boss’s indifferent attitude.

It could be that your boss is stressed because of work, or maybe they feel that you are doing well. So, they decided there was no need for micro-managing.

Should avoid making decisions from assumptions that are still too early.

Do not let you immediately invite him to talk. In fact, he is doing well, and in general, he does limit social interaction with employees.

2. Ask other coworkers

To observe the situation better, you can ask your coworkers about this and find out their opinion.

By asking other coworkers, you can confirm your temporary assumptions regarding why your boss seems indifferent.

It could be that your boss is just being indifferent to you and not to other employees. If this is the case, you can learn how to deal with a picky boss.

Asking coworkers is also helpful to find out how much workload your boss has that you may not know about. That way, you can get rid of unnecessary assumptions.

In addition, you can also ask for advice on how to deal with an indifferent boss from colleagues who have experience dealing with this before.

3. Initiate communication with superiors

The following way to deal with an indifferent boss is to initiate:

  • discussion
  • meeting
  • one-on-one call
  • other forms of communication

Especially if this indifferent attitude has started to harm your performance.

Previously, you need to understand what kind of communication channel your boss usually prefers.

Offer to chat in a cafe, but your boss is more comfortable communicating via chat. You may create a bad impression.

The first step is to offer a higher intensity of communication, for example, adding a one-on-one call schedule to twice a week.

Don’t forget to help them understand why you need more intense communication.

Associate it with the urgency of your work so that your boss feels that this is indeed a very important thing to do.

4. Empathize and be open to input

After you initiate more intense communication, the next most important part in dealing with an indifferent boss is when the discussion takes place.

Reporting from Forbes, one of the things you can do if you have a boss who is reluctant to communicate is to understand the challenges they are facing.

You can ask your boss directly about what they are doing right now, or you can also use the information you get from your coworkers.

That way, your boss can at least see the initiative and motivation in you that can be a discussion material to discuss the main problems in your work.

After that, you can give each other feedback without any drama, one of which is using the 360-degree feedback technique.

On the other hand, you can also ask your boss for feedback to better understand whether the fault lies with you.

5. Set your own expectations

According to the American Psychological Association, in dealing with an indifferent boss, you need to control:

  • expectation
  • emotions
  • negative thinking

This needs to be done so that you can improve communication positively.

If you’ve put in all your effort, but your boss is very difficult to change, there’s a good chance that they’re not really good communicator.

Have you asked someone more skilled, like a mentor or career consultant, but there is no way out? Maybe it’s time you start reducing your expectations of your boss.

You might consider looking for work opportunities in a new, healthier, and more productive environment.

However, do this if you feel increasingly uncomfortable and it is hindering your career development.

wannawishyou hope that this last resort doesn’t have to be done and that you can successfully establish better communication with your boss!

Here are 5 ways to deal with an indifferent boss that you can try. Want to know more tips that can help interact or deal with superiors at work?

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