7 Tips for Setting Up Vacation Funds to Make Healing Come True


Setting up a vacation fund is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. There is much to be done in order not to fail.

Moreover, this holiday is really what you dream of and want to be realized soon.

To avoid a failed trip, even though the holiday mood is already very high, follow the tips wannawishyou has prepared below.

Tips for Preparing a Vacation Fund

Do some of the things discussed below so that you can immediately have holiday funds, and you will heal instantly.

1. Prepare a realistic budget

Calculate and determine a realistic budget in advance if you want to plan a vacation.

Quoting from Real Simple, you are encouraged to make a realistic budget so as not to fail.

Adjust it to the vacation you want, such as a  staycation or traveling.

Because with the right budget, it will be easier for you to arrange anything so that the vacation you want can happen easily.

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2. Plan your leave properly

Sometimes the budget that has been prepared is suddenly lacking because we have the wrong plan for a vacation.

For example, you take time off in the quiet months or low season so that all aspects of hospitality and transportation are cheaper.

Make a plan, including a budget breakdown, to get the right estimate.

3. Split savings

Reporting from The Penny Hoarder, try to separate your savings between a consumption account and savings for leisure.

Currently, some banks have provided a special wallet in the account to separate the budget.

For example, every month, there is an auto debit to the holiday wallet. This way, the saved budget will remain the same and not be used.

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4. Avoid consumptive behavior

wannawishyou suggest that you should not be too wasteful if you want more funds to be used for vacations.

Things included in consumptive behavior are often snacking and eating too much outside the home.

Besides that, it can be in the form of a habit of often hanging out, watching movies, or others.

Resist overdoing it. By applying this, you will have savings with more funds.

Finally, check the cost of subscribing to premium applications or other services that are often not used.

5. Set aside money regularly

Make it a habit to always set aside money regularly, even if it is not too much.

For example, if you have a daily expenditure of IDR 100,000, try to set aside only 20-30 percent.

This money can be placed in a digital wallet or directly into a piggy bank to make the sensation of saving more pronounced.

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6. Doing freelance

The Balance says the easiest way to get more funds before taking a trip is to do freelance work.

You can try several freelance jobs according to your abilities or master’s.

By doing this, vacation funds can be obtained more easily.

7. Minimize daily expenses

Try to minimize daily expenses that are done every day and are often not realized before.

For example, the habit of snacking at the mini market even though it is only a few tens of thousands of rupiah.

If this habit continues, there is a possibility that vacation funds will decrease. 

Moreover, you rarely bring lunch from home and always buy it daily.

That’s how to prepare vacation funds properly to avoid failing to heal.

Moreover, you have prepared everything carefully and want to go on vacation soon.

The point is if you want to get enough funds to withstand the consumptive treatment. The rest can do freelance work to increase pocket money.

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