7 Ways to Create an Effective Press Release


If you work in public relations, you will often be asked to write press releases. However, do you already know how to create or write a press release to be sent to various media?

In this article, wannawishyou will explain seven ways to write effective press releases for publication in the media.

Come on, see the article!

What is a Press Release?

Before understanding how to make an effective press release, you must first understand what a press release is.

Reporting from Hubspot, a press release is an official statement issued by a company to the media and the public. 

Generally, this press release is issued by the company when there is a particular event related to the company. For example, when a company releases a new product.

Once written, this press release is then sent to various media to be given to the public.

That way, the information written in the press release can be conveyed to the target consumer.

How to Make a Press Release

So, how to write an effective press release? Come on, consider the following seven steps!

1. Choose a topic that is relevant and newsworthy

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The first way to make a press release is to choose a relevant and newsworthy topic.

Remember that this press release will be published to consumers and potential customers.

Ensure the topics presented in the press release are newsworthy and relevant to your industry.

For this reason, PRWeb has the following questions to ensure the topic of the press release you will write is relevant and newsworthy to the media.

  • Why would consumers care about this topic?
  • Is this topic relevant to the target consumer?

Some topics that you can raise in the preview release are:

  • product launch
  • new executive appointment
  • the company received the award
  • corporate  events
  • crisis management

2. Write a catchy title

After determining a relevant and newsworthy topic by the media, the following way to make a press release is to write an interesting title.

According to Forbes, press releases need to have a title that can attract the attention of journalists to report it. This is because the media publish tens or even hundreds of news every day.

That way, you have to make sure the written press release can grab their attention just from the title.

On the other hand, consumers also receive much information from the media daily. A catchy title will be able to catch their attention to read your press release.

3. Use catchy quotes

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Not only the title, the way to make a press release that catches attention is to use a quote.

This quote can be used by reporters to understand the context surrounding the information announced through the press release.

In addition, quotes help explain ​​how the press release can affect the industry and consumers.

Ideally, quotes can come from key executives such as the CEO, project leaders, or those directly affected by the press release.

Quoting relevant words from these necessary parties will form the narrative and emphasize the essential points of the press release.

So, make sure you choose relevant quotes from essential parties in your company.

4. Include important information according to the purpose of the press release

The following way to make a press release is to include important information according to its purpose.

As previously explained, a press release is an official statement issued by a company.

Therefore, ensure all vital information conveyed to consumers and the public has been written in the press release.

5. Write a short press release

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Next, how to make an effective press release is to write it briefly.

The press release should provide enough information to grab readers’ attention and make them want to learn more. Ideally, press releases should be a maximum of two A4 pages long.

Ensure the press release includes all the relevant information a journalist needs to write a short story.

6. Keep an eye on SEO

Even though it is an official statement from the company, still utilizing an SEO strategy is one way to write an effective press release.

By utilizing SEO strategies, published press releases will be easier to find on Google or other search engines.

For that, you can use the following tips.

  • Write short sentences and paragraphs (3 to 4 sentences).
  • Use bullets and numbers to break down information and data.
  • Write important information in bold and italics.

7. Cantumkan call-to-action

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The final way to write an effective press release is to include a call-to-action (CTA).

This CTA will help consumers to know what they should do after reading the press release.

The majority of readers will likely not read the entire press release. So, avoid creating a CTA at the end of the press release. Placing a CTA between the first and third paragraphs will be more effective.

A compelling CTA can take advantage of the following three tips.

  • Stand out to grab the reader’s attention from the rest of the press release text.
  • Use bold and italics to draw the reader’s attention to the CTA.
  • Include complete links so readers know where they can get more information.

How? Do you now understand how to write an effective press release?

Working in the field of public relations is not only about press releases, you know. There are many other duties and responsibilities if you work in this field.

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