8 Tips for Reading Books Effectively to Absorb A Lot of Information


According to Growth Reading, people know how to read, but much information isn’t memorized. Because many do not know how to read books effectively. 

There are always ways to improve reading skills. By upgrading it, you can receive information and knowledge better. 

Not only that, by increasing its effectiveness, you can better reflect on your reading in your daily life.

Here are tips for reading books effectively that wannawishyou divides into three parts: before, during, and after reading a book. 

Tips for Reading Books Effectively: Before Reading

1. Choose the right book

Tips for reading books effectively must start with reading preparation.

The preparation includes what you want to read, the type of book, how many pages, and the topic.

This, of course, is personal and varies from person to person.

Ensure that your reading material is in accordance with what is needed and wanted. 

2. Understand the context of the book to be read

Before you start reading the book you want, make sure you know the context of the book. 

Who is the author to the background, also do more in-depth research about books on the internet.

This will help you understand the text better and give you new insights.

In addition to understanding the context, you can also read reviews if you feel it is necessary.

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3. Set the right mindset

Before reading a book, you must set the right mindset to avoid passive reading. 

That is when you read a book but do not know what you are reading. 

Passive reading is passive reading if you’ve read a book fluently but don’t remember what you read afterward.

Be active in reading books and be aware of what you are reading.

Still launching Growth Reading, the important thing about reading books is what can be taken and applied from the book to everyday life.

Tips for Reading Books Effectively: While Reading

To ensure you are better informed and knowledgeable, be sure to apply these compelling book reading tips below:

4. Start with quick skimming 

Asian Efficiency mentions skimming is a method used to read the text without actually reading it. 

You can browse the table of contents, read chapter titles, and flip through multiple pages. This will help you understand the outline of the book and its contents. 

One of the benefits of quick skimming is that you can get an overview of how the book will flow.

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5. Read all parts of the book 

The next tip is to read all parts of the book and remember to do active reading, not passive.  

Active reading means that you only focus on reading. Try not to read while doing other things or multitasking.

If you have trouble being consistent or focused, you can set a timer and take a break every few minutes, so your eyes don’t get tired easily.

It is better to read slowly to get a better understanding while reading.

6. Make notes and mark essential parts

wannawishyou recommend taking a break from writing notes or marking the parts that you feel are important.

If you read digital books, you can add highlights or bookmarks.

If you have difficulty understanding something during the reading process, don’t be lazy to look for meaning on the internet.

Why is it important to write notes? Of course, you won’t remember the whole book.

You have a guide or reminder for small and important parts by writing notes.

Tips for Reading Books Effectively: Done Reading

Even though you’ve reached the last page, it doesn’t mean you’re done reading. Here are some practical reading tips for you.

7. Go back to skimming and rest

After reading, you can start skimming again to get a complete structure and storyline. 

You can think about the book’s main points or read the highlights you have made. 

After that, take a break to think about the main points and lessons from the book you are reading.

You can also organize existing notes to make it easier to get references if needed.

8. Implement what you get

To be able to thoroughly read books effectively, you must be able to apply what you get. 

After the reading process is complete, you have to reflect and think about how you can apply the knowledge or information in everyday life.

You can start by practicing them one by one, and there is no need to rush.

This will help you to develop and really benefit from reading books.

Those are the tips for reading books effectively that wannawishyou has summarized for you.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful, and your reading hobby will be more productive!

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