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Columbus Day is also known as Día de la Raza in Latin America, celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the American continent on October 12, 1492. It is a federal holiday of the United States which
is celebrated on the Second Monday of October month every year. This Year Columbus Day 2013 will be celebrated on Monday, October 14, 2021, in the USA.

We are here to share everything about Columbus Day including all the Latest Text Greetings and Wishes Like-Columbus Day Quotes, Sayings, SMS, Messages.

Columbus Day Quotes, Sayings 2021

Columbus Day Quotes

Happy Columbus Day!
Celebrate by going to the wrong house
after work then claiming it as your own.
Every ship that comes to America
got its chart from Columbus.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Only those who dare
to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
Robert F. Kennedy

Happy Columbus Day!
The historical day when Columbus discovered America!
A day of joy for everybody!
Let’s enjoy his great discovery! USA

Whose indomitable spirit changed
the face of the earth for us.
-Edmund Arthur Helps

One does not discover new lands without
consenting to lose sight of
the shore for a very long time.
-André Gide

Columbus Day Facebook Posts, Status Updates 2021

Columbus Day Facebook Posts

Every great advance in science has issued from
a new audacity of imagination
-John Dewey, The Quest for Certainty, 1929

For all mankind that unstained scroll unfurled
Where God might write anew the story of the World.
-Edward Everett Hale

He completed the universe,
he achieved the physical unity of the globe.

Riches don’t make a man rich,
they only make him busier.
-Christopher Columbus

Columbus dreamed of an unknown shore,
At the rim of a far-flung sky.
-Author Unknown

He stands in history as
the completer of the globe.
-John Sterling

To Everyone across Canada,
hope you have a Great Thanksgiving Day.
To our American fiends,
Happy Columbus Day.
-Author Unknown

Columbus went around the world in 1492.
That isn’t a lot of strokes
when you consider the course.
-Lee Trevino

America’s one of
the finest countries anyone ever stole.
-Bobcat Goldthwaite

Columbus Day SMS Messages In English 2021

Columbus Day SMS Messages In English

If America had been discovered
as many times as I have,
no one would remember Columbus.
-Sean Connery

If Columbus had an advisory committee
he would probably still be at the dock.”
-Arthur J. Goldberg

Their houses are all built in
the shape of tents,
with very high chimneys.
-Christopher Columbus

Tomorrow morning
before we depart,
I intend to land and
see what can be found
in the neighborhood.
-Christopher Columbus

Columbus dreamed of
an unknown shore,
at the rim of a far-flung sky.

Columbus had all the spirit of
a crusader, and,
at the same time,
the investigating nature of
a modern man of science.

He leaves in the background of fame
all other navigators whose names
are written in the priceless
annals of discovery.
-Emilio Castelar

“Illegal aliens have always been
a problem in the United States.
Ask any Indian.”
-Robert Orben

He stands out among
the beacon lights of history
as a man of vision dominated by
a definite purpose.

He gained a world;
he gave that world
Its grandest lesson:
On! sail on!

Columbus Day SMS, Messages, Quotes 2021

Columbus Day SMS Messages

Women have been taught that,
for us, the earth is flat, and that if we venture out,
we will fall off the edge.
-Author Unknown

Following the light of the sun,
we left the Old World.
-Christopher Columbus

The real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having neW eyes.
-Marcel Proust

Happy Columbus Day= sad day
for the indigenous people
who were massacred on that day.
Remember Columbus invaded America didn’t discover it

Columbus found a world and had no chart
Save one that faith deciphered in the skies.
-George Santayana

Columbus had all the spirit of a crusader,
and, at the same timne
the investıgatıng nature of a modern man of science.
-Edmund Arthur Helps

Our real problem, then,
is not our strength today:
it is rather the vital necessity of action today
to ensure our strength tomorrow.”
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Was this his face, and these the finding eyes
That plucked a new world from the rolling seas?
-George Edward Woodbery

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.
-James Joyce

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Question You May Ask

Who Was Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer and navigator who completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean, opening the way for the widespread European exploration and colonization of the Americas.

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