85+ Couple Wish Quotes, Beautiful Couple Wish Quotes

Couple Wish Quotes

If you’re unsure of what to write on a wedding card and seek innovative ways to convey your congratulations on your wedding, get inspired by this collection of 85 top wedding Couple Wish Quotes, messages, and wishes for newlyweds.

From thoughtful wedding Couple Wish Quotes to the happy couple to hilarious wedding Couple greetings that cause them to smile, These romantic wedding Couple wish quotes can make your wedding card special.

1. The past is like smoke and can’t forget you. The moonlight is like water. It always misses you. The silent night is still you.

2. Quiet night, who will accompany me? I miss it for a long time; who will comfort me? At midnight, let the gorgeous singing sound. Let me tell you my love for you by singing! Do you know that deep thoughts have already flooded into a river at the bottom of my heart?

3. Happy days, happy you. Wonderful life, warm you. Happy and happy days, I hope to share with you. In the wonderful and passionate life, there is your warmth and happiness! Good night! Good dream!

4. Give me a chance, and I will hold you firmly; give me hope, and I will wait for you forever; give me an answer, and I will take care of you all my life; give me a promise, and I will love you all my life; give me A text message to talk, I will tell you, I will always love you!

Couple Wish Quotes

5. Fill a cart with happiness, let peace clear the way, abandon all troubles, let happiness surround you, store all warmth, drive away from the cold, release the true feelings, and let happiness always smile on you!

6. Happiness: It’s not immortality, it’s not big fish and meat, it’s not the power to dominate. Happiness is each tiny wish come true. You have to eat when you want to eat, and someone loves you when you want to be loved.

7. I may not be able to give you the best, but you are always the first in my heart. Although I am not the best, I can make you the happiest. No matter how many ups and downs I will go through with you.

8. Love is a moment of heart palpitations and a moment of moving. Love is a moment of realization, confusion, and a moment of eternity. Love cannot be replicated. The spark and intoxication of that moment are like the inspiration from the poet’s pen, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.

9. When the magpie bridge is open, the cowherd will be dark every night; if the butterfly is alive, Shanbo will spend it with you; if the white snake is out of the pagoda, Xu Xian will guard it every night; friendship will eventually bear fruit so that I will take you every day. Care; love has finally come to marriage. May you and I be happy together.

10. If I were a dragonfly, I would look at you with a thousand pairs of eyes; if I were a centipede, I would hold you with a thousand pairs of arms; if I were God, I would send an angel to protect you. It’s a pity I’m neither, but I will love you with a heart!

Couple Wish Quotes

11. People who think about people have a kind of happiness because you have someone worthy of your thinking; people who are thought of by others also have a kind of happiness because you have someone who thinks about you all the time!

12. True love can stand the proof of time and the dull fleeting years. And long-distance relationships require more, just because of the distance, to see each other more thoroughly.

13. The truest intention is to love you; the most beautiful time is thinking of you; the sweetest oath is for you; the brightest future is with you; the most anticipated thing is to be with you; really, I Love you!

14. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, love and know each other as sweet as honey; seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, love and care for each other; happy and happy, smiling, and cuddling together inseparably. May you be happy!

15. When you received this text message, I have given you all my blessings, all my happiness, all my thoughts, all my luck, and all my health. I believe they will bring you good.

Couple Wish Quotes

16. No matter when you are, no matter where you are, no matter what you do, please remember: I will always support you and care about you because you are the person I love the most.

17. If it weren’t for you, I would have left the city long ago, and you were hurt because of me; you are a beetle in reinforced concrete, with a hard shell wrapped around a heart waiting for comfort, in my eyes, you are alluring.

18. Holding a stream of water will affect the ripples of love; picking a flower to express love. No matter what we experience in the future, we will face it together; no matter whether life is joy or sorrow, we will bear it together. Take care of yourself, dear.

19. People sometimes become vulnerable, unhappy, suddenly caught by a certain detail in the memory, suddenly fall into a deep silence, and do not want to speak.

20. Let me accompany you and send generous gifts from God. There are no gorgeous words to express sincere friendship, and there is only one heart that will always dance for you. That is my true feeling, regardless of day or night.

Couple Wish Quotes

21. When I met, I couldn’t help but believe that God destined it. Dreaming about it, I can’t help but believe that love has been known. Powerless to resist, I do not seek eternal beauty, but in the reincarnation of life and life, there are you and me.

22. My greatest wish: to be a koala, to sleep on a big eucalyptus tree, and you are that eucalyptus tree. I will stick to you all my life, love you, and need you!

23. I look at your gentle smile, and I ask myself if I am the lucky one who can always be by your side to make you laugh, whether I am lucky enough to protect you and love you all my life. The answer is will you marry me?

24. Where is my captain? Without you, I would be lost; on the vast sea, I would be engulfed by the waves; on a night full of stars and moons, I would feel lonely; can you accept my invitation to be my captain?

25. Your hard work makes me feel bad; your bitterness breaks my heart; your heart makes me happy. I am always concerned about your health; I wish you a good body and accompany me to travel the world.

26. Love is hard to say in my heart, just because I don’t know what you have in my heart. Get up in the morning and dress up smartly, just to make you look at it. I am looking for you when I have nothing to do. I just want to hear your voice in my ears. 125. If you want to love me, say it out loud if you love me. I would like to be by your side forever!

27. The fragrance of the flower border, the water swaying the Iraqi people, find a fragrance and play a fashionable song. The fragrance of the fragrance is the soul of the earth, and the fashionable texture is like colorful clouds. Listen, it makes people excited, see it, it makes people excited, you, it makes me excited.

28. I have already missed you, but I still miss you. When I miss you, but I can’t have you anymore. Even though we have parted, we meet again. When we meet again, we have to say goodbye.

29. The flowers are delicate and fragrant, the bees are happy and busy collecting honey, the mandarin ducks in the water are in pairs, the sun smiles, and the birds sing, the butterflies dance in many ways, and the bright red happy words are posted on the door. I wish your love will last forever and forever.

30. I make the thousand and one wish that you will wear a snow-white wedding dress, hold a splendid bouquet and be my happy bride one day. Dear, are you willing to help me realize this wonderful wish?

Couple Wish Quotes

31. It’s cloudy because the sun is tired; it rains because the sun is sad; it snows because Yuner’s heart is broken; the wind blows because the heart wants to travel; you receive text messages because people have I miss you!

32. Everyone’s fate is different, and the time to love each other will be long and short. Only by doing my best can do is: I will let my love accompany you to grow old slowly.

33. If possible, I hope that I will have an accident and let myself have amnesia so that I will no longer miss you, no longer remember the sweetness of the past, and no longer sleep for you every night.

34. There is true love, nourishing the soul, pampering, surrounding life; walking with love, this winter is not cold! Passing through the wind and rain, I know that what I don’t give up is deep love; after experiencing prosperity and decline, I know that what remains unchanged is true love.

35. I spent all my luck meeting you. Loving you is the most beautiful thing I have ever done. Loving you is the most important decision in my life. Accepting me is the greatest courage in your life.

36. There are eight words between lovers: trust, understanding, tolerance, and tacit understanding. Now I use these eight words to bless our love. May we be happy for a lifetime and love forever.

37. The air is hot, the heart is also hot, and sweat drips out. Stick to the ends of your hair; stick to your thoughts. You took my heart and quickened my heart rate. I don’t dare to have extravagant hopes; I just want to step out of the footsteps of love with you!

38. What kind of fate guides us to know each other? In the encounters of life, what implicates you and me is the red thread of true feelings. I miss you, my lovesickness is like ivy wrapped around a tree, growing in the spring rain and dew, and you are the ivy tree in my heart.

39. That evening, the real world is old. Every meeting can’t take the air. I suspect you have suffocating weapons, dear: I’m sorry, I made promises into lies.

40. When the sunset falls into the sea, I will carry you on my back and find a pool of stars. Talking to you is one of the few happy times. Excuse me for showing my love. I still love my little friend very much today.

Couple Wish Quotes

41. I used to be a vulgar person, seeing flowers as flowers, and seeing the sea as the sea. It was not until I met you that I understood what it meant to be elated and what it meant to be turbulent. You don’t need to say more; I run towards you with the world’s beauty.

42. I hope that he will finally marry a girl like me so that he can never forget me, but I am afraid that he will marry a girl like me in the end. If he is like me, why not me.

43. A piece of mind, Ruyi is a bridge. A drop of heart rain, sowing love. A fate gathering, Qingshan remembers. A promise, a good time for autumn waters. A treasure that will be appreciated in life. A love story read me and you in time.

44. In the quiet night, I always think of you; in sweet dreams, I dream of you again; in my warm heart, it is you who still occupy; in sweet love, there is always only you; dear, you are my most beautiful angel!

45. What is a lover? A lover is the husband’s wife, and a lover is the wife’s husband. You can’t leave me, and I can’t leave you. A lover is the most intimate companion in life and the most intimate love.

46. ​​My thoughts for you are light blue, as long as the sky is without boundaries. I miss you more than a day, every minute and every second, I can’t stop.

47. When God created a person, he must also create someone who loves him unswervingly. So, if God created you, then I am the one who loves you faithfully.

48. Those who confess to the widowers face to face will receive the upper reward; those who confess to the letter will receive the middle reward; those who confess to the city court and hear the widowers’ ears will receive the lower reward! In short, everyone who confesses to me is rewarded!

49. I always thought that I was the tree that had been begging for five hundred years in front of the Buddha, standing until the red roses fell just to wait for you to look back. But after rubbing shoulders, I see floating life like a dream, red as blood.

50. I also went to london Bridge Chen last year to see how sushi can raise such a beautiful woman. I think this woman should only be found in the sky, and I have heard it in the world many times.

Couple Wish Quotes

51. Love only flowers bloom for you, blooming with tenderness, accompany you through the glitz of a lifetime; the tree of true love is lush for you, full of deep affection, and accompanies you through the hustle and bustle of a lifetime, I love you, love you For the rest of my life, I would like to take you to the end of my life and give you a lifetime of happiness and sweetness!

52. I bought the ticket to your heart! The starting point in this life and the endpoint is the next life. Please abide by the rules of eternity when getting on the bus! People and hearts can’t stick out of the car at will! Don’t jump in midway! Hope we can love each other forever! Never separate!

53. Write on the slate, write on the beach, write on the trunk, and let the whole world know, I love you, love you! I will write with a rainbow.

54. I miss you so quietly and call you quietly in my heart. I want to call you in this peaceful night sky. However, I know that the night can’t carry my heart very far. But I always feel that you can hear it no matter how far you are.

55. I love your eyes because they are bright, I love your mood because I am happy, I love your body because I am healthy, I love your singing because of sweetness, and I love you the most because of beauty.

56. Do you want to love more than Jin Jian? Do you want the sea to rot? Want to live forever? My supply is sufficient and inexhaustible; you are the only customer I face, hurry up and marry me! Includes your lifetime free trial.

57. Every time I see you, I feel extremely happy. I tried to explain the subtle psychology when I saw you, but I couldn’t analyze it with what I learned, and I learned later that it made me like you.

58. When you were born, you cried, and the people around you laughed; when you died, you laughed, and the people around you were crying! Everything is reincarnation! We are all in reincarnation!

59. Qin and chords are inseparable forever, and they play a thousand years of love together; leaves and flowers hide each other in their hearts, they are the companionship of life and death, and we are the fate of a lifetime.

60. The best love in this world is not a talented person with a beautiful woman, nor is Bai Fumei looking for a rich and handsome man. But you are waiting for Prince Charming, but a little gangster takes you in.

Couple Wish Quotes

61. The gentle wind blows away my frowning brows and sends the sorrow of lovesickness; the abundant water fluctuates my deepest heart and shines the meaning of true love; please believe that I love you.

62. I don’t know how long my life is, and no one can understand how many fates there are. It doesn’t matter how far this road is. Even if I can’t go to the ends of the earth with you, I will cherish every second with you.

63. Now I can’t remember how many times I walked on the beach with you. But I believe that the everlasting sea breeze and waves will remember our every whisper morning and evening.

64. He was covered in light. It suddenly dimmed and became a speck of dust in the universe for a moment. I tried to remember how he was covered in light but couldn’t remember anything. I found out later that it was the light in my eyes when I saw him for the first time.

65. I miss you higher than the mountain, miss you deeper than the sea, miss you wider than the grassland, love you more persistent than Yugong, wife I love you, I will always think of you in my heart, May you be happy every day.

66. As the water moves forward, the petals fall off automatically, the silk threads on the clothes fade and break, and the veins on the back of the hands bulge and meander the mountains. Impermanence rises and disappears, and my heart for you is forever.

67. Memories have swelled into bitterness in countless fermentations. This bitter drop is softly dressed and dormant behind every long night, awakening the hidden pain and turning into rain floating in the sky outside!

68. You made me feel pain for the first time in my life, but after I hurt you, I was in this mood today, I went to her, and she entered my heart.

69. My love for you is like boiled water. Although it is plain, I can’t leave it for a moment. My love for you is like a trickling stream. Although it is not magnificent, it is a long stream. Honey, I miss you so much!

70. Behind every successful man, there is a great woman, and you are the god of enlightenment in my life. Only in your hands can I become a jade.

Couple Wish Quotes

71. I have seen the morning sun shining on your face through the mist, and I know I have seen the most beautiful scenery in my life. You are the love letter of the past, the aftermath of the sunset, the wind that keeps growing under the feet of passers-by, and the person I like.

72. Acacia wants to write Acacia meaning, Acacia tears drop Acacia words. In the heart between the eyebrows, who will send this love? In the mandarin duck tent, the mandarin ducks are quilted, and the mandarin ducks sleep on the pillows. Heaven on earth, I hope people last forever!

73. You are the mandarin duck in my past life, and you are my sangyulianli in this life. I am fascinated by your gentle understanding and your delicious cooking skills. May 27, tell you loudly: I love you, my virtuous wife.

74. If you are willing, please don’t doubt me. I promise that I will love you well in the future. Let the world be a mirror, and time is proof. I will use my most sincere love to warm your life.

75. To truly love someone is not to own, but to be happy; not to get along day and night, but to be happy; I hope you have someone who loves you like me, and I will be the one who cares the most. Relatives.

76. Loving someone is when you dial the phone and suddenly don’t know what to say. I just want to hear a familiar voice, but I want to hear a string in my heart!

77. Meeting you, is it a past life agreement or this life destiny? No matter what, you have captured me. If I miss you, you will miss the meaning of life—Park in the harbor of my love. Let me shelter you from the wind and rain forever.

78. The footsteps of winter are approaching, and the cold wind blows the hair. Whose thoughts are in my ears? The magic of love makes me approach you. In this early wintertime, I want to explore the true meaning of love with you!

79. The starting point of love is to let the people we love be themselves, not bind them with our imagination – otherwise, we love only the shadow of ourselves found in them.

80. I like to leave my mark on you, but I don’t remember that you never belonged to me. Valentine’s Day is coming. Can you put a stamp that only belongs to you on me?

81. Missing is the bridge, on this side of the bridge is me, on the other side of the bridge is you; Missing is the sail, I am on the starting line, and you are on the returning line; the soul is connected with the heart, and the heart is connected with emotion. May blessings be here. I am happy there is always you!

82. I only met once, but you let me fall into it. I have become humbler than ever before, and I enjoy this humbleness. I never thought I’d like you or fall in love, and I didn’t dare to contact you when I found out. I was so nervous.

83. I am “borrowing,” and you are “loaning.” If you know the phrase “there is borrowing, there must be lending,” then you should understand that only me without you, my life account book, can only be a mistake!

84. The journey of life is like a painting. When you understate it, it always best reflects the artistic conception. The journey of life is like a text message. When I send it, there is always someone who responds. I am waiting for your response!

85. There is love and pain for you. Love is a kind of sweetness, and pain is a kind of helplessness. The combination of love and pain for you is called – love! Where there is love, there is pain – I am willing.

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