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Stay Away From These Three People In Your Old Age


Shakespeare said: “Friends must help each other in adversity, and then you can call true friendship.”

A person’s view of choosing friends determines the temperature of his life.

In life, people will have very close relationships with many people, lovers, relatives, and friends, making the heart feel the temperature of happiness.

However, not all friends will treat each other sincerely.

In life, there will always be people who mock you, hurt you, and look down on you. Life is short; if you meet a friend who doesn’t mix well, you should leave as soon as possible.

Especially in old age, we must learn to choose friends because there is no energy and time spent on a low-quality person.

On the road of life, what kind of friends you make determines your quality of life.

Qiao Zuwang, in “Children of Qiao’s Family,”did not work hard when he was young, and when he was old, he always hoped that his son and daughter would give him the best care.

He calculated the neighbors and lost all the neighbors’ money, but he walked away. It is precisely because of the poor character that everyone yells and beats him like a rat crossing the street. So much so that no one came to take care of him in his later years.

Later, he wanted to find a nanny to take care of him in his later years. I met a friend I knew before, so I asked her to come to my house as a nanny.

The nanny was crying, poor, and calculating, trying to defraud Qiao Zuwang’s house and money. In the end, Qiao Zuwang even gave up his own house and was tortured to death by illness in the living room.

In this life, when you reach your old age, don’t put yourself in a state of being calculated.

Stay away from people who always give you trouble, stay away from people full of calculations, and stay away from people who are not on the outside. When people are old, if you give yourself a quiet living space, you will have fewer worries and more happiness and fun in life.

In old age, be a good person and don’t do things that hurt others; choose friends well, and don’t make low-quality friends easily.

When people are old, rich, or poor, stay away from the three types of “bad” people.

1: Relatives who like to cry poor

As you get older, you will see that some relatives are low-quality relatives. For example, relatives who love to cry poor but never try to change.

Relatives who like to cry poor live with negative energy and are always eager to win the sympathy of others by complaining to gain help and recognition.

As the saying goes: “Poor people must be pitiful.”

There are two types of people who like to cry poor. The former is poor, crying for help from others; the latter is rich but is afraid that others will ask him to borrow money.

If you are poor, you are likely too lazy to cook. You are used to asking for money. If you don’t work hard, you have no motivation to move forward.

It is a kind of “poor at heart” to be rich and yet to cry poor. I want to live with my money and don’t want to help anyone.

Whether relatives or friends, it is necessary to pay attention to etiquette. People who like to cry poor often have weak affection, and such people are not worth paying.

2: Friends who love to calculate

Friends who love to calculate, value interests the most, and have a cold heart.

Getting along with people who are calculating will not feel happy but frightened. When you associate with people who love to figure, you will also become calculating and live very tired.

Because it is easy to suffer losses when interacting with people who love to calculate and occasionally ask the other party to help, and he will plot more things.

People like to calculate, focus on “interests,” and have weak feelings. When people are old, it is often difficult to keep their money when interacting with people who are calculating.

Money is the guarantee of life in old age. It is often easier to hold onto your money by calculating friends.

In old age, we must screen the people around us, and we must know how to let go of those who are calculating, those who like to covet petty cheapness, and those who always bring negative energy.

When people are old, fewer people love calculating, and there will be less calculation in their hearts, so life will be quieter and more peaceful.

3: People who mock you behind your back

In old age, it is very important to live a peaceful life. However, if you choose a friend carelessly, it will lead to repeated ups and downs in your emotions, and you will be exhausted.

When people are old, stay away as soon as possible, and always slander the people behind you. Especially people who like to mock you behind your back.

People who like to ridicule you look down on you from their hearts. In his eyes, no matter how many advantages you have, no matter how good your life is, he will never truly recognize you and bless you from the bottom of his heart.

People who like to ridicule you not only disapprove of you but also like to slander you and damage your reputation. You don’t have to have deep friendships with people who look down on you, and you don’t have to have friendships with people who like to ridicule you.

Because, no matter how rich or how well you live, people who love to ridicule you cannot see your virtues.

Life is alive; life is your own. You don’t have to prove it to anyone. Living your life well is a kind of happiness. Stay away from those who mock you behind your back when you are old, and let yourself live a quiet life.


In old age, time cannot be retained. No matter whether you are poor or rich, please cherish those who treat you well.

Sanmao said, “I can’t be serious about being young. When I understand it, I can only get old seriously.”

Treat those “true friends” well, and treat people who are truly close to each other with sincerity. Because, from them, life will no longer be lonely in old age.

Time is very precious; no one can keep it, don’t waste it for no reason. Don’t waste your time and energy on low-quality social interactions when you are old.

When people are old, be kind to those who treat you sincerely and cherish those you care about. Live your life well and let yourself have a high-quality old age.



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