How to Create Review Content in Text and Video Format


On the internet, reviews are the most popular content for the audience. To compete for an audience, you must know how to create good review content.

For example, we can find a lot of review content delivered in written format on websites, blogs, or social media.

Meanwhile, on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, we will find review content made in video format.

Well, for those interested in producing such content, you can follow how to do a review that wannawishyou will explain in this article.

How to Create Review Content in Writing Format

Launching Grammarly, there are at least three points that you can try if you want to make review content in written form.

Here are ways to do a review that you can follow.

1. Knowing the message you want to convey

Before you start writing, know the main message you want to convey.

If you already have the main message, you can use it as a reference so that your writing does not get out of topic.

For example, you are a person who likes to provide information about delicious foods. 

At one point, you found an excellent place to eat that not many people know about.

Well, an excellent place to eat that few people know about can be a reference for creating review content.

From there, you can develop it into several derivative points when doing a review, for example, by showing:

  • Where is the location of the place to eat?
  • What foods are selling well there, which sellers recommend and which do you recommend
  • how the atmosphere of the place to eat is?
  • how is the service
  • how much is the price of food and drinks in that place

2. Say what you like and what you don’t like

You can start to convey what aspects you like from the main points, which are then reduced to minor matters.

If the review you make wants to give criticism, you can also convey aspects that you don’t like about the object being reviewed.

It’s a good idea to convey these two things balanced, yes.

3. Submit your recommendation

At the end of the content, many reviewers put the recommendation rating as a closing.

A recommendation rating like this will help the audience who reads reviews by skimming or speed reading.

Some content creators also add a short description at the end as a highlight or conclusion of the object being reviewed.

Well, you can use one of the two methods above or even combine the two to strengthen the content.

How to Create Review Content in Video Format

In this section, wannawishyou will share five ways to write reviews in video format.

The points that will be presented are summaries from Tubular sources.

1. Pay attention to the length of the video

When talking about the duration of the video, it’s a good idea to give a brief and straightforward review.

Well, if the video taken has a duration that is too long, you can edit or cut parts that are not so important.

2. Focus on the object being reviewed and give a balanced presentation

The main focus of review content is the object to be reviewed, not the reviewer.

When you start to review, you can express your personal opinion on the object being discussed. 

However, you should avoid giving too much personal opinion.

One personal opinion tip that you can use is to stay balanced.

Every object usually has two opposite sides. Make the two opposing aspects as materials that are delivered.

For example, food A doesn’t taste very good, but it’s reasonably priced, and the portions are generous.

3. Dig deeper into the commented object

Digging deeper into the object under review will produce more informative content for the audience.

One way is to research the object you are going to review.

If what is being reviewed is a product or object that has not been widely studied, maybe you can find the unique side of the thing, then give your personal opinion.

The lack of excavation of the object being reviewed may be a differentiating point between reviewers with a large audience and reviewers who are less interested.

4. Create scripts to support delivery

An important part of how to make a review clear is the content.

Submission of reviews will be more organized if the creator creates scripts to support delivery.

It would be nice if the script read by the reviewer didn’t sound like the person reading it. 

Likewise, with aspects of facial expressions, body gestures, and eyes.

To avoid reading scripts that are known to the audience, some creators outsmart them by creating scripts that only contain important points.

Later, they will develop these key points spontaneously when the record mode on the camera is activated.

If you are still confused about how to make a video script, you can click here to read articles that cover the topic.

5. Editing

Not all creators have the provision of video editing skills when starting to create their first review content.

Only by editing can we cut the video duration that is too excessive or cut the unwanted parts.

If you’re not used to it, you can learn how to cut videos or make transitions to change between scenes.

It’s not a problem if the videos you make will only go through a simple editing process at the beginning of their publication.

However, if you want, you can use the services of a video editor to help you.

Oh yes, for those who want to be more serious about learning video editing, you can read this article from wannawishyou to find out what skills need improvement.

Well, that was the discussion on reviewing written or formatted video content.

Are you still interested in reading articles like this?

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