How to Make Him Appreciate You (6 Awesome Tips!)


“How to make him value me ?” have you been asking yourself this question? So it means he hasn’t been treating you like you’d like. But before I teach you how to make him appreciate you, I want to tell you a few things.

First, you have to understand what “value” is, don’t you? One time the ladies got pissed at me because I said some things about value, but they confused it with the price.

The price is the value you pay: 10 reais, 20 dollars, 50 pounds, etc.
But the value is perceived by the person: if you are fit to marry, if you deserve more attention, if your behaviour is appropriate, etc.

Price is different from value. You, woman, are priceless, but you have value, a lot of weight.

It’s just that this value you have needs to be perceived by men, especially this man you want so much that he values ​​you more. He will certainly not appreciate you if he does not perceive this value. He will not want to take you seriously.


Answer: changing your behaviours.

The first thing this guy notices about you is your behaviour. The way you behave and the attitudes you have towards him and towards other things are what define whether he will value you or not. How you position yourself in the face of his attitudes will also explain whether he will appreciate you.

What I’m going to teach you now is what behaviours you should have and how you should position yourself towards him so that he values ​​you more, but from now on, I advise you that if the guy doesn’t appreciate you, the best thing would be for you to get out of this relationship. And if he doesn’t accept your new behaviours in the future, he’s not the right guy for you. But let’s learn everything that everything should do to learn how to make him appreciate you.


Do you know why most guys don’t respect or value women? Because they don’t position themselves, they let him paint and embroider on them in every way, and they don’t do anything because they are afraid of losing the fool.

You can’t be like that, and you can’t be the kind of woman who accepts anything:

  • He comes to touch your ass, and you accept? So he won’t appreciate you.
  • He calls asking you to go to his house to have sex, and you go? So he won’t appreciate you.
  • Does he go out with his friends, spend the night at a club, don’t tell you anything, and you don’t do anything about it? So he won’t appreciate you.
  • Does he leave you standing waiting, does he miss the word he gave you, does he talk a lot with his friends and you don’t say anything? So he won’t appreciate you.

All that I just talked about concerns how you should position yourself concerning him so that he values ​​you. If you let him do whatever he wants with you, and you don’t do anything about it, he’ll never see the value in you.

The right thing is for you to “cut” everything he is doing wrong to you. If he tries to grab your ass, don’t let him. Say only when things are more serious (marriage).

If he goes out with his friends and you don’t know anything, make him see that it has consequences for him, make him see that he can’t go out doing anything with you, that he has to think very carefully before taking any action.


What I’m going to say now may seem like an old thing, but the truth is that a woman who doesn’t save sex just for when it’s really serious will not be valued by the guy.

First of all, if you have sex with him, he will surely think that you can have sex with anyone else and he will start to distrust you, be very jealous and even betray you for thinking that you can cheat on him. at any time, unfortunately, it is so.

Your intimacy you must keep for your husband. If the guy comes to take your parts, you can’t let him because the more you leave him, the more you look like any other woman on the planet, and you stop being exceptional in his head.

If you want to see the question “how to make him value me” adequately answered, you must understand all these things.


You want him to value you. Answer me one thing: how do you behave towards other men? Are you the type of woman who chats with several friends on WhatsApp, or are you that reserved? Are you the type of woman who gives the impression that you can pass nudes to another guy at any moment, or do you give complete confidence in what you do on social media? All this is your behaviour and your attitudes. That’s what will define if a guy will value you or not. Think about it!


The things a woman says to a man make him also see some value or not in her. If you talk naughty, have virtual sex with him, send him nudes, show him your breasts on the internet, have sex and let him record videos, among a series of things similar to these, how do you think the guy Will be be be you appreciate this way?


You might be the woman who says clothes don’t define character, but we’re not talking about character. We’re talking about values. If you live dressed like a pussy, the guy will think you’re a pussy. Clothes say a lot about you. If you live with a huge cleavage showing your breasts, he’ll think he can take you to bed whenever he wants, and half the city can make it too. If you touch a woman and want to know how to make him value you, observe the details of everything you do.


And finally, tell me something: you want him to value you, but do you adore him? Do you pay attention to him? Do you love and respect him? Do you do for him everything you want him to do for you? If you don’t, you won’t be valued because even you don’t know how to value.

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