Want to Apply for Jobs Directly to the CEO? Check Considerations and How


Applying for a job to the CEO directly raises pros and cons among job seekers.

Some agree because they think they can open up opportunities. However, some find it impolite.

In fact, sending an email directly to the CEO is like looking for a needle in a haystack, to no avail.

Actually, is it OK to apply for a job directly to the head of the company or not?

If so, what considerations should be made first? Come on, see more in this article that wannawishyou has prepared.

Considerations before applying to the CEO

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Several considerations must be made before deciding to apply for a job as the CEO.

These considerations relate to technical matters such as email validity, the possibility of getting a response, to preparing a CV and portfolio.

Check out what considerations must be prepared below.

1. Get the CEO’s email address

According to the Hunter Blog, building rapport is the most important thing about applying for a job.

This can be started by sending an email containing a good offer.

However, before that, make sure to get the proper contact or email address of the CEO.

Generally, this is a bit difficult to do because CEOs typically don’t display personal contacts.

One way that can be used to get email is by using the Bulk Email Finder or a similar platform.

2. Is there anything to offer?

If you bother to send an email to the CEO, there must be more to highlight.

For that, prepare what is offered to the company. For example, specific skills that other candidates rarely have.

In addition, it can be in the form of work experience or particular views related to the business.

It will be difficult to “market yourself” to a job offer if you don’t have that.

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3. Opportunity to get a response

Quoted from Payscale, about 90 percent of cold emails sent to CEOs do not get a reply.

That’s natural because they have a solid job and do not have time to open something considered unimportant.

So, keep the spirit because this method requires high luck.

How to Apply for the Right Job

After getting the CEO’s email or contact, the next step is to prepare how to send the correct application.

This is important to note because you must first make a good impression.

Because the opportunity for emails to be opened is small, you must prepare everything well and to the point.

Here’s how to apply for a job as the CEO that can be done.

1. Don’t beat around the bush

Adapted from Tap Clicks, sending a job application to the CEO should not be long-winded.

You don’t have to say much; just get to the point. This can be seen from the email’s subject, content, and conclusion.

So, no need to ask for news, pleasantries, and others.

2. Short email

About 35% more business owners check messages from HP.

Because more use of cellphones to build relationships, try to write short emails.

However, make sure what you want to offer is already there.

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3. Avoid writing mistakes

Making the perfect first impression is essential.

Try not to write the wrong words and keep the CEO from reading further.

Even though the content of the email is already good, because, in the beginning, it made them uninterested, the opportunity was lost.

4. Provide problems and solutions

If you offer yourself a job, at least give a reason. For example, there are certain things from the company that you might want to update.

Furthermore, there are new insights that you can provide to the company.

Offer yourself as a solution to a problem the company might have.

Don’t forget to also provide supporting data, OK?

Now that’s an essential consideration before applying for a job as the CEO and the professional way.

Applying for a job to the CEO directly is not easy to do.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be tried, right?

If you have just graduated from college and want to open up opportunities to work in many bona fide companies in Indonesia, let’s do a job search at wannawishyou.

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