What not to do immediately after having dinner

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Dinner is one of the three main meals. You don’t need to overeat dinner. Most people have nothing to do after dinner. They go to bed soon after dinner, but we have to pay attention a lot after dinner. What do you need to pay attention to after dinner? Is it really good to skip dinner? What to eat for dinner to lose weight? Interested friends, please read the following.

what not to do after dinner

Do not drink much water, soup, and beverages after dinner.

We often drink water after dinner, including soup, drinks, etc., all of which belong to the drinking water category. If you eat more full, you are prone to indigestion. The stomach will secrete a large amount of gastric acid after eating, and drinking water immediately after dinner will dilute the gastric acid to a certain extent.

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In addition, drinking water immediately after dinner will also cause some foods that are already relatively thin, such as porridge, rice cereal, etc., to skip digestion in the stomach prematurely, which is easy to make you feel hungry soon. This is for people who are losing weight. It is also disadvantageous.

The correct way is: to drink water half an hour to an hour after meals or drink water after the food is almost digested. It is also important to note that drinking soup and sugary drinks at night will add too much energy to the body and should be avoided as much as possible.

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Do not exercise immediately after dinner.

The so-called do not exercise immediately after dinner refers to strenuous exercises, such as running, skipping rope, playing ball, and other sports that are very unsuitable to do immediately after a meal.

After dinner, blood is mostly concentrated in the gastrointestinal tract, and strenuous exercise after a meal will increase the blood flow of the limbs, affecting the digestion of the stomach and the absorption of the intestinal tract.

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In addition, if you exercise vigorously after dinner, it is likely to stretch the stomach, causing stomach cramps and bloating and possibly increasing the possibility of gastroptosis. In particular, friends with bad stomachs must avoid strenuous exercise immediately after dinner.

The correct way to do it is to do more gentle exercises, such as walking, yoga, etc., after half an hour to an hour after meals. If you want to exercise vigorously, you must wait until the food is digested before doing it.

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Is it okay to skip dinner?

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Skipping dinner may seem healthy for weight loss, but it’s not for everyone.

If teenagers who are growing up do not eat dinner for a long time, it may lead to long-term low blood sugar, which will not only affect their mental health, learning, and brain function in the long run.

If you have to work overtime at night, you should eat dinner. Otherwise, it will affect work efficiency and even cause dizziness and headaches due to low blood sugar.

People with bad stomachs should not refuse dinner. Long-term dinner skipping may lead to poor gastric motility and excessive secretion of gastric acid, which induces gastritis.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What not to do immediately after having dinner

After eating, you should wait about 20 minutes before walking around. This allows your stomach time to digest food and also gives your body time to absorb nutrients.

Can I walk after 1 hour of eating?

Yes, you can eat after one hour if you want to lose weight. However, walking after eating is not recommended because it may cause indigestion.

Will you gain weight if you sleep after eating?

Yes, you will gain weight if you sleep right after eating. This is because your body stores the food as fat when you eat it. When you go to bed, your body releases the stored fat into your bloodstream. So, if you don’t burn off all the calories you eat during the day, you’ll end up storing them as fat.

What helps digestion after eating?

After eating, the first thing you want to do is drink water after 45 mins of dinner. This will help move food through your digestive system, so you don’t feel bloated or full. It also helps empty your stomach so you won’t eat too much.

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